NuvaGenic South Africa

Have you been waiting long for a natural fat-melting supplement? Then your wait is over – Nuvagenic is what you need – effective, quick and with no known side effects.

Thanks to its herb extract, Nuvagenic does a good job trimming excess fat, tightening your body, supporting metabolism and increasing your energy levels. Its core ingredient is the African Mango extract which regulates metabolism and lowers appetite by stimulating leptin production. It also contains Green Tea, Acai, Caffeine and Pomegranate extracts.

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UPDATE: If you want real fast results and you want to be ready for the beach in 2013 then you must combine Nuvagenic with a new cleansing product: Solpria.

 Buy Solpria in South AfricaAlthough they are both efficient you will obtain maximum effects by combining them. This is because they work in synergy: Nuvagenic helps your body melt fat while Solpria flushes toxins from your body and prevents fat from building up again. Try Solpria now and get a special price using this link!

Have a great summer in your new, slim body!

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